Key members of the Chessboxing community from the UK, Finland, Helsinki and the U.S. call on the global chessboxing community to come together and draft a new world chessboxing charter.

After years of devision in world chessboxing it looks like the global community will get a new start under a re-drafted charter which provides and unbiased and egalitarian platform for the sport. Since 2013 the sport has been divided when two competing governing bodies were formed.  The global pandemic has seen significant changes in the sport as it struggles to find a way to progress. Online chess has exploded but restrictions across the world have meant that live audiences haven’t been a possibility for the last 12 months making the hosting of event extremely difficult. However, this down time has give leaders in the sport a chance to re-imagine the governing body to provide a level playing field for the chessboxing community.

If you would like to view, comment on or contribute to the new charter please download it here: DRAFT World Chessboxing Charter

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