Our mission is to ensure the sport of chessboxing is run for, and in the interests of, chessboxers worldwide.

WCBA is the official sanctioning body for all international chessboxing events and titles. It ensure the safety of chessboxers and protects their interests over and above all other concerns. It also enforces and develops a consisted set of rules, protocols and best practice across the sport.

The WCBA is a company limited by guarantee, The Chessboxing Organisation, registered with the Charity Commission in the UK. This means that by law the WCBA can only pursue not-for-profit charitable objective.

The WCBA operates under it’s charter which can be download HERE. If you would like to understand the charter in brief please download this explainer HERE.

The WCBA can only pursue not-for-profit objectives, which are as follows:

  1. Provide a global framework which represents the interests or chessboxers and those involved in and running the sport of chessboxing before any and all other interests including those individual interests of WCBA members and the interests of the WCBA itself.
  2. The drafting and maintenance of a set of rules for chessboxing which prioritises the safety of all participants, fairness of competition and audience entertainment.
  3. Act as a sanctioning body for the purpose of maintaining fighter safety over all other concerns, the enforcement of the rules of chessboxing consistently across all elements of the sport and to sanction titles and belts.
  4. Act as an unbiased international arbiter and forum for chessboxing organisations across the globe giving no competitive advantage, bias, undisclosed funding or favour to any individual, individual organisation or group of organisations.
  5. Work with chessboxing organisations to create standardised coaching, referee and arbiter training, standards and certification to be used across all chessboxing activities.
  6. To ensure that chessboxing is accessible to all and not to discriminate on gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, social class or age.
  7. To assist in the creation, dissemination and making freely available to all members all information related to chessboxing that may assist them in improving both the sport and chessboxing events.
  8. Provide total transparency, access to all documents and information pertaining to the WCBA and its dealings to all members at all times on an electronic file sharing system.
  9. Follow the best practices regarding anti-fraud, anti-corruption and anti- bribery policies as well as protect against cheating and drug use in chessboxing. This should include following UK and international policies and working with WADA.
  10. To work to promote the sport of chessboxing generally, in the media, within the sport and the global sporting community.
  11. Represent the sport of chessboxing in all supra-governing bodies such as the Global Association of International Sports Federations and the Olympics.
  12. To encourage and help members wherever possible to provide opportunities in their local communities for young people to benefit from chessboxing training free of charge or at least on a non-profit basis.