World Chessboxing Association: Official Launch

The World Chessboxing Association has launched officially following negotiations with national chessboxing groups in Russia, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.


The WCBA has been founded by London Chessboxing chief executive Tim Woolgar in response to the rapidly increasing growth of chessboxing worldwide.   Says Mr Woolgar: “The sport needs a governing body that reflects the values and aspirations of chessboxers and those who promote chessboxing all around the world.

WCBA sanctions all international chessboxing title fights

“The WCBA is a non-profit making body which seeks to foster the continuing  growth and development of the sport we all love. There are diverse groups of chessboxers around the world who are united by a common set of beliefs and in the WCBA these groups are united by bonds of equality and common understanding.”

WCBA affiliates include Siberian Chessboxing Assocation, Italian Chessboxing Association, UK Chessboxing Association and the newly-formed Spanish Chessboxing Asasociation.  Other national affiliates are expected to join up shortly. Affiliate members have equal voting rights in the affairs of the WCBA which provides an umbrella code of practice and sanctioning authority for its members.