World Chessboxing Association: Official Launch

The World Chessboxing Association has launched officially following negotiations with national chessboxing groups in Russia, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.


The WCBA has been founded by London Chessboxing chief executive Tim Woolgar in response to the rapidly increasing growth of chessboxing worldwide. ¬† Says Mr Woolgar: “The sport needs a governing body that reflects the values and aspirations of chessboxers and those who promote chessboxing all around the world. Continue reading

Newcastle Students Staging Charity Chessboxing Show

Newcastle University Chess Society with the support of Newcastle University is hosting a Charity Chess Boxing Gala on Saturday 27th April at the civic centre. This is a black tie event and is the first event of its kind to be done outside of the capital city in the United Kingdom making it a truly exceptional and one of a kind event.



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