Code of Conduct

WCBA Glove

1. Safety

At all times the safety of the fighter is paramount.  A qualified medical doctor must be present at ringside during all competitive events.  Where appropriate, para-medic support and ambulance services must be provided. All public events must demonstrate proper risk assessment and adopt all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of competitors, spectators and staff. All national affiliates and promoters must sign up to and adopt the WCBA Medical Certificate.

2. Fair play

WCBA promotes strict observance of the rules and the spirit of fair-play.  

3. Production Values

National Affiliates are required to ensure high production standards. Visible WCBA branding should be displayed at all chessboxing promotions.

4. Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution should occur at the local level or failing that should be achieved by the relevant national association.  When all reasonable attempts have failed the parties may appeal to the WCBA for arbitration.  In this case the decision of the arbitration panel is final and binding on all parties.

5. Equal opportunities

WCBA is committed to providing equal opportunities to all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, creed and mental or physical ability. 

6. Tolerance

WCBA is tolerant of all behaviour which does no harm.

7. Child-protection

The age limit for senior competition is 18 years.  Junior competitors may begin from age 13. All national affiliates must adopt the WCBA Child Protection Policy.

8. Banned substances

The WCBA is against the use of, or encouragement to use, banned substances to enhance or inhibit performance. The WCBA has the right to test for banned substances at any time.


National Affiliates:

The WCBA has the power to grant an affiliate charter to any individual, group or organisation willing to take responsibility for chessboxing in any country worldwide.  The role of National Affiliates is to promote chessboxing and to adopt and uphold the WCBA Code of Conduct.  National Affiliates Associations will be responsible for encouraging regional and grass-roots development within their territory. National Affiliates will be responsible for granting promoter licences where appropriate.   National Affiliation Charters are granted by the WCBA on the basis of merit for a period of 10 years and may not be revoked except where there has been a clear breach of the terms of the Charter.  The WCBA will NOT charge a fee for the award of a Charter.


Affiliate members

  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Spain